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Jurrian van der Straaten

Jurrian is a leader in the international education and non-profit sectors with proven expertise in both strategic planning and operational execution. He is an intuitive coach who excels in identifying, developing and utilizing talent. He manages the tension between the value of relationships and the need for results.

In 2010 he became a certified Policy Governance trainer, after receiving training from John and Miriam Carver, the developers of the Policy Governance model. During that time, he lived and worked in South-East Asia where he provided training for several NGO’s and International school boards

Jurrian has served on the board of directors of the International Policy Governance Association, as well as several other boards. He served as a Chairperson and has experience as a CEO; allowing him to understand the unique challenges that come with the different roles in an organization. The extensive cross-cultural experience has balanced out his European directness and task orientated mindset with an appreciation for community and genuine relationships.


the Policy Governance model

The Policy Governance® model is the only existing comprehensive governance model that covers all aspects of board governance. This operating system for boards has been developed by Dr. John and Miriam Carver, its integrity is protected by a registered service mark. The model is often referred to as “Carver governance” or the “Carver model.”

The authoritative website for the Policy Governance model can be found at www.carvergovernance.com and through this link you have access to the source document.

Policy Governance is designed to enable strategic leadership and ensure accountability on all levels of the organization. The model is built on a set of internally consistent principles, all of which are necessary for the model to work since it was designed as a system.


Board Training

The Policy Governance courses are made available through E-learning platform Talent LMS, an award-winning cloud-based solution for delivering engaging online training.  Key benefits of our courses:

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They solidify your learning

  • Questions in each module help learners assess their understanding.
  • Trainer feedback on why answers are correct or incorrect.
  • Reflective assignments help learners to identify their key takeaways.
  • Downloadable resources and tools.
  • Learners can go back to parts of the course to go over it again.
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They facilitate different learning styles

  • The courses offer a mix of graphics, examples, animations, theory, and interviews.
  • Application assignments with trainer feedback.
  • Reading assignments, using the Carver guides.
  • Downloadable workbook.
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They are user friendly

  • Using your own login, you can access the courses at your convenience, complete it at your own pace and track your progress.
  • Further reading tips allow learners to dig deeper where they want to.
  • TalentLMS is rated one of the top 5 E-learning platforms, known for its intuitive interface.
  • After completing the course, learners receive a certificate.

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